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    .The purpose of this program is to combine the manpower and resources of NGOs, public departments and enterprises
     to motivate the social strengths in disaster areas and to build up the partnership between the government and the
     society through conversation and mutual understanding.

    .Based on the concept of step by step development, this program makes the best of the creativity of citizens to develop
     industries with local features and socio-economic business entities, thus various job opportunities will be created.


    .Professional Consultation: The establishment of consulting platform which consist of experts, scholars and representatives from government departments  to provide consultations with integrated resources for NGOs

    .Participation in Discussion: Inviting leaders in affected areas, NGOs, excellent Multiple Employment Promotion Program (MEPP) managers or one interested in hometown reconstruction to discuss issues related to hometown rebuilding and industry revitalization.

    .Proposal & Approval: Programs proposed by NGOs will be verified by the committee made up of public employment service center, Ministry of Labor.

    .Management: An office formed to manage the schedule and result of each program will introduce proper resources to help the adjustment and implement of the program.

    Comparison of MEPP and EEP

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