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    Multi-Employment Promotion Program - An Introduction

    Creating local employment opportunities through the promotion of local development

    Development milestones

    The Multi-Employment Promotion Program was conceived in 2000, when the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) of the Executive Yuan launched the 921 Earthquake Reconstruction Program to rehabilitate disaster-affected areas and enable unemployed citizens to rebuild their homes. In 2001, the CLA expanded the program to the national Sustainable Employment Program based on the concept of enabling the unemployed to continue to work in the local community. In 2002 the CLA amended the program and renamed it as the more comprehensive Multi-Employment Promotion Program. Since then the program has been modified and implemented annually.

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    Social Economic Development Web Portal


    Program objectives

    The program aims to build cooperative partnerships between civil organizations and the government with the goal of stimulating employment. The following four objectives have been implemented via programs that are creative, locally relevant and expandable, and that preserve culture, promote crafts, care services and environmental protection: 1) to improve overall living environment and conditions in the local community; 2) to promote the development of local industry; 3) to drive the creation of other job opportunities; and 4) to provide guidance to unemployed to participate in the planning process, to rebuild their job confidence, and to provide training so that they can return to the workplace.

    Source: Shu-hui Shih (2008)

    Prospective service recipients of the Multi-Employment Promotion Program

    1.Civil organizations
    I.Social organizations and vocational groups established in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Associations Act; and non-profit organizations and juridical persons established in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
    II. Cooperatives established in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperatives Act, the Credit Union Act and the Labor Union Act; credit unions and trade unions.
    2.Ministries, special municipality or county (city) governments and their subordinate agencies.

    Program type:

    1.Economic program: Programs proposed by civil organizations that have attractive prospects for industrial development and are capable of providing jobs or stimulating employment among the unemployed.
    2.Social programs: Programs proposed by ministries, special municipality or county (city) governments or civil organizations that are designed to promote social welfare and have the effect of stimulating employment.

    Success stories

    The Multi-Employment Promotion Program has been in existence for over a decade, and a great deal of success has already been achieved. Civil organizations have enjoyed steady growth and their operational scale has become more stable and mature, while conditions for developing social enterprise are now ripe.


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