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    Social innovation is the process of applying technological and business innovations to find solutions to social issues. To effectively address the social and environmental challenges facing the nation, the government has introduced a social innovation action plan that strengthens links with the international community and brings Taiwan in line with the U.N.'s sustainable development goals. On the domestic front, the plan also encourages inclusive development of the economy, society and the environment, and creates a new model of economic growth based on the core values of innovation, employment, and equitable distribution.

    Strategies for creating an environment conducive to social innovation

    1. Cultivate seeds of social innovation: Integrate regional school resources, and train students with the ability to think creatively and take practical action.

    2. Ensure all necessary conditions for the development of social innovation: Encourage listed companies to integrate social innovation into corporate social responsibility policies. Strengthen the funding environment for social innovation companies.

    3. Develop local models of social innovation: Encourage interdisciplinary exchanges to find solutions to local problems. Help local platforms to nurture social innovation and develop testbeds.

    4. Build a friendly regulatory framework, and create a platform for fine-tuning laws and regulations aimed at innovation.

    5. Expand the scope of social innovation: Promote the "Buying Power" rewards program encouraging organizations to purchase from social innovation companies. Support and build up intermediary agencies such as private social welfare groups to upgrade occupational skills among the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

    6. Raise Taiwan's international visibility: Provide a social enterprises development website ( in English and Chinese, publicize Taiwan's achievements in social innovation, connect with the resources and experiences of the private sector, establish international cooperation ties with nongovernmental organizations, and deepen international exchanges.


    Source: Department of Information Services, Executive Yuan

    More Information: Social Impact Platform 、International Entrepreneur Initiative Taiwan



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